This Texas CMR course meets the 40 hour requirement for the TDLR licensure course.  It is the initial course for the remediation contractor. 

The 5 day (40 Hour) Texas Mold Remediation Contractor (TXMRC) course is designed to provide Texas mold remediation contractors, from a building science viewpoint, the necessary concepts, knowledge, hands-on training and techniques to understand the health issues connected to mold, seeing mold under the umbrella of indoor air quality, understand the assessment process with pre-, interim, and pre-sampling techniques, how to properly build containment, create and maintain negative pressure with fresh air makeup, utilize the newest PRV24K technology and perform mold remediation in microbial contaminated properties in accordance with the IICRC Standard of Care and the NORMI Professional Practices (best practices for the mold industry).  Tex. Admin. Code § 78.58

Once the student has attended the class, the student will sit for a 100 question prep exam and be qualified to apply for TDLR licensure and NORMI CMR Certification.   

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Mold Remediation Contractor License Requirements


  1. At least 18 yrs. old
  2. Pass a criminal background check
  3. Meet 1 of the following education/experience requirements:
    • bachelor’s or graduate degree from an accredited college or university with a major in a natural or physical science, engineering, architecture, building construction, or building sciences and at least one year of experience either in an allied field or as a general contractor in building construction;
    • at least 60 college credit hours with a grade of C or better in the natural sciences, physical sciences, environmental sciences, building sciences, or a field related to any of those sciences, and at least three years of experience in an allied field or as a general contractor in building construction;
    • high school diploma or GED certificate, plus at least five years of experience in an allied field or as a general contractor in building construction; or
    • certification as an industrial hygienist, a professional engineer, a professional registered sanitarian, a certified safety professional, or a registered architect, with at least one year of experience either in an allied field or as a general contractor in building construction.
  4. Commercial general liability insurance coverage of at least $1 million per occurrence
  5. Complete the approved mold training
  6. Pass the licensing exam
    • FAQ from TDLR Website: Do I still apply to take the examination before I submit my application for licensure?
      No. Applicants for mold assessment technician, mold assessment consultant and mold remediation contractor must first submit an application for licensure. This can be done by submitting a paper application or an online application. The application fee and all additional documentation to show proof of required training, insurance, education and experience must also be submitted. Once your application is approved by TDLR, you will receive notice from TDLR’s exam vendor, PSI, that you are eligible to schedule and take your required examination. PSI will send your examination score to TDLR. Once TDLR receives notice that you have passed your exam, and all other requirements have been met, the license will be issued.
  7. Pay required fee ($450 for remediation contractor license, $850 for remediation company, $50 for remediation worker)
  8. Make application with proof of insurance, verifiable evidence of education/experience requirements, & course completion certificate
Topics to Be Covered
  • Five (5) Day Notification
  • OSHA Frontline Cleaning
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Assessment Process and PRE/PRV Guidelines
  • S-500. S-520 and NORMI Professional Practices
  • Hazcom and Remediation Techniques
  • Antimicrobials/Chemicals
  • State of Texas TDLR requirements
  • IAQ (indoor air quality) Solutions
  • Preventative Maintenance
Class Flyer
Class Schedule

All topics will be presented using a lecture teaching method, unless otherwise indicated with an asterisk (*), which indicates a Hands-on Training Segment.

Each day, classes will run from 8:00-5:00. Each day will include two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break.

Day ONE Hours Module
Introduction 0.75 1
Mold & Media 1.00 2
Mold: Basics 1.00 2
Mold: Sources & Condition 1.00 2
Potential Health Concerns 0.75 3
Regulations & Guidelines 1.00 4
The Texas Mold Law 1.50 4
Professional Practices 0.75 5
Review Panel 0.25  
Day TWO Hours Module
Moisture Challenge 1.50 6
Moisture Movement 1.50 6
Building Science 0.75 7
Water Intrusion 1.25 7
HVAC Systems 1.25 8
Project Controls 1.50 8
Review Panel 0.25  
Day THREE Hours Module
*Mold: Sampling Techniques 1.75 9
*Mold: Assessment Process 2.00 9
Protecting the Public 0.50 10
*Personal Protection Equipment 0.50 11
Hazard Communications 1.00 11
LockOut/TagOut 1.00 11
Heat Stress 1.00 11
Review Panel 0.25  
Day FOUR Hours Module
OSHA 0.75 11
Work Area Prep 1.00 12
Overview Remediation 1.00 12
Remediation Work Plan (part 1) 1.00 12
Remediation Work Plan (part 2) 1.00 12
Remediation Process 2.50 12
PRV Guidelines 0.50 13
Review Panel 0.25  
Day FIVE Hours Module
*Remediation Hands-On (part 1) 3.75 12
(build containment)   12
(create negative pressure)   12
*Remediation Hands-On (part 2) 1.50 12
(contain crawlspace)   12
(teardown/cleanup PRV)   12
Case Studies 0.50  
Review Panel 0.25  
Exams 2.00  

Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI
     Author “Mold Free Construction”

Lance Eisen, VP of Business Development
     Experienced Law Enforcement

Tim Butler, Senior Training