Where should I begin in the IAQ industry?

We are asked this question often. Your interest in certification would depend on the credibility and credentials you need to succeed in your business and your geographical market or to meet specific state licensing laws. We have created a page to highlight the paths you might take.

Is there a time limit for my online class?
Generally, registrants are given a fourteen (14) day window in which they can take their course. There is no time limit on taking their final test but it is recommended that the process not be delayed. The nearer to the course, the easier it is to remember the things that were discussed in the class
How should I promote my business?

NORMI has joined with Service Magic to provide leads for your certification. These leads are qualified through the Service Magic company and have proven to be a tremendous resource and great way to consistently spend advertising dollars. ACTIVE members receive a discount on their set-up fees.

How do you support your members?

NORMI is all about supporting their members. To do that, NORMI provides a toll free telephone number (877.251.2296), a LIVE Online Chat line, a Support Desk, and email support. Along with this is an extensive member section accessed through the homepage at

Are their discounts for taking additional classes?
NORMI provides a FREE website that can be personalized for each ACTIVE member. With this website, a Best Training School affiliate link is provided through which commissions are paid to those NORMI members who send others to a NORMI Class. The easiest way to receive a discount for some future training is to register for that class through your OWN website and, thereby, receive the 10% discount.
What kind of Continuing Education does NORMI provide?
All ACTIVE members are given privileges to join a LIVE discussion and training once a week in the NORMI Talking Studio, an Internet Interactive Chat Room where you can ask questions and have them answered. Every week for two hours a group of experts enter the room at a specified time to do FREE training and answer questions regarding the NORMI process, membership, and other important information.
What is an ACTIVE member?

When you take a NORMI class, you automatically become a NORMI member for life. To receive ACTIVE benefits and be listed on the website, you must activate your membership by subscribing at To see a listing of the ACTIVE benefits, go to