This onsite, hands-on experience is designed to train the IAQ professional to build a more successful business around the profitable NORMIPro™ Management model of holistic, solution-based assessments. Attendees are given three days of training which includes marketing, business strategies, financial profitability, sampling techniques, laboratory report interpretation, report/protocol writing and IAQ solutions. Get into the minds of the top executives of NORMI and spend time discussing the specifics of your business, its strengths and weaknesses.

Between these two days of classroom training in a hands-on, onsite assessment which includes the following environments: Onsite, hands-on assessments to simulate the actual sampling process are included in each class. Depending on location, arrangements are made to implement the sampling process in an actual house, apartment, small commercial building and/or some relevant property. This gives the students the opportunity to walk-through the process of an assessment and place that assessment in the context of building a relationship with the occupant/owner. Do’s and don’t’s are discussed to tweak and perfect the marketing/assessment approach, the process and the sale of the recommendations.

Listen to what others have said about this invaluable class:

“This class opened up new possibilities of very real income streams and answered so many questions. Worth every penny!” B. Faust

“Great hands on class. Lots of experience and info needed to take our business to the next level.” C. Swisher

“Very thorough and helpful no matter who you’re talking to from the NORMI staff.” T. Jensen

“Class is very effective and very well organized. Keep up! Great work!” A. Sarandrea

“All assessors need this class!” M. Robinson

Room & Meals Included: Four Day/Three night onsite accommodation (double occupancy) plus three lunches and two dinners (+1 option for spouse is available for $400).

SPECIAL NORMI DISCOUNT & PAYMENT OPTION AVAILABLE: Because of the current economic conditions, we are offering two options you may consider helpful to getting the training you need: 1) as an ACTIVE NORMI Member, there may be a COUPON CODE for this class that will significantly reduce the cost of this class. To retrieve this code, if it exists, login at and collect the code to insert in the field below or utilize the standard NORMI method as you were trained in class OR you can choose a second option: 2) A payment program has been established to spread the cost of this class over three months (30/60/90). To take advantage of this offer, you must FIRST PAY THE DEPOSIT BELOW to reserve your seat. If you DO NOT pay the deposit, you will not be on the student roster so DO THAT FIRST! AFTER you have paid the deposit, go to 30/60/90 Payment Plan to arrange for the auto-pay option for this class. You will be given thirty days to make your first payment against the balance. Please be advised that no Verification of Attendance or Certification will be provided until the balance is paid in full, but the balance DOES NOT need to be paid in full before the class takes place. We want you in class so, hopefully, this will make it easier for you to attend asap.

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What’s included?

Orientation social Monday evening

Four Day/Three night onsite accommodation (double occupancy)

Transfers to/from airport (reimbursed if not provided)

Three lunches and two dinners (+1 option for spouse)

Student manual with paperwork

Gift package from vendors

NORMI NCAIA Certification (verbal proctored exam required)

FREE online class(es) provided

Mentor telephone access to senior trainers

Personal business consulting with training team


Monday Night Get-Together Planned Onsite (arrive by 5pm)
  • Classroom training including NPM Business Model
  • Marketing Strategies through Assessment
  • LIVE CE Training @ 7pmCST/8pmEST
  • Airflow, Air Infiltration, Specialized Testing Equipment
  • Onsite Assessment(s) Scheduled
  • Completing Chain of Custody for Labs
  • Q&A (optional evening session in casual setting)
  • Commercial Plan Take-off for Remote Assessment
  • Bid Assessment Report and Remediation Protocol Writing through IAQ Solutions
  • Verbal Proctored Examination (depart after 4:30pm)


“NORMIPro Management, LLC has been incredibly successful in both the residential and commercial environment. Our holistic, solution-based process is now shared through the training as the basis of this higher level certification. There are many pieces of the total assessment process that are included in this class, woven together to create a great business model that any IAQ entrepreneur can follow and by which they will become more successful.”
– Doug Hoffman, CEO of NORMI, Inc